Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Lately (Late July 2020)

The screenshots below are from the evening of Friday, July 24th. You can view the images in a larger size if you click on them. I was peeking at my book on different retail sites online.

I peeked again the next day. (Saturday, July 25th in the afternoon.)

I stopped peeking after that. I don't want to be obsessive. I am glad that presales have started.

Some copies of the book arrived, even though the official release date isn't until September 15th. I wasn't expecting to see Without: Body, Name, Country until August, at the earliest, especially because of the pandemic. Vine Leaves Press made the production schedule before the pandemic and it hasn't been delayed at all. I'm really happy about the book.

I feel like I'm in a daze. Three books. Two nephews. A pandemic. Being severely immunocompromised during a pandemic. 

I'm shocked by the number of deaths. Shocked by people who don't take it seriously. Upset that millions of people could be evicted. Upset about the extreme cruelty of the GOP. I feel sick about what the United States has become.

While trying to write this post, I keep finding myself staring off into space. I listen to the sound of a box fan as if it will tell me the right thing to say.