Sunday, December 22, 2019

Good News: Forthcoming Book

My third full length collection has been accepted for publication by Vine Leaves Press! The book comes out this fall. The official release date is September 15th, 2020.

Before I found out, when I would see announcements about other people's books coming out in 2020, I would always think to myself that 2020 is a cool year for a book to be published.

Finding out that my third book was accepted for publication made me feel kind of old in kind of a good way.

It was nice to find out before Christmas and be able to be super relaxed for holiday stuff. I watched Frozen with my nephew a couple of days ago. It was actually my first time seeing it. Obviously, I'm an Elsa, not an Anna. I'm sure I'll end up seeing Frozen 2 as well because of my nephew. I still have a lot of Christmas shopping to do. Anyway...

The title of the new book is...

Without: Body, Name, Country

The book is a collection of poetry and flash nonfiction pieces. There are a lot of individual poems and nonfiction pieces which are grouped into two larger sections, I: Vaudeville and II: Diagnosis.

From mid-2015 until somewhat recently, I kept saying that my third book wouldn't be finished until The Jetsons era. I just realized George Jetson and Donald Trump have a similar vibe, so maybe it is The Jetsons era.