Sunday, September 26, 2010

Approaching October

I found out on Friday that the editors of Blood Lotus are nominating my poem "Free Samples" for Best of the Net.

The poem was published in issue 16. You can check out Blood Lotus here.

The poetry editors of Blood Lotus are Stacia M. Fleegal and Teneice Durrant Delgado.

Ashly Cochran read "Free Samples" in Blood Lotus this summer and shortly after, shared my poem on her blog, so you can also read the poem here.

Back Porch Reading is coming up on October 16th. You can currently find out more information about Back Porch Reading here and here and here.

Here are some links to pieces by some of the readers:
My Odysseus by Zozie Beatrice
Aesop, Please by Christine Holm
Timber! by Meg Johnson
Girls by Amanda Viviani

I'll be performing (dancing) in Milwaukee in December and will be starting rehearsals soon.

My brother Alec has been sending me a lot of great music lately. There is a cover of a Dar Williams song that he recently sent me that I love. Listen to it here.