Monday, September 16, 2019

Best of the Net Nomination (& Looking Back)

I found out last week a poem of mine was nominated by the publication Vending Machine Press for Best of the Net. You can read the piece here. Thank you so much to Vending Machine Press. 

I actually found out about it a bit late because sometimes I don't check social media for up to two weeks at a time. I know that's sort of a big gap, but it feels like a compromise to me. (Using some social media, but not letting it distract me too much. It still distracts me though.) The best way to contact me is email.

Finding out about the nomination made me think about the first time I was ever nominated for anything, which was a Best of the Net nomination in 2010. I was stunned. Then I was really excited. (You can currently read that poem here. It's the only place I could find it online.) 

I think it's good for me to reflect. I feel like I have too many days now of feeling dissatisfied with myself. A big part of this is because I still have serious fatigue after Guillain-Barr√© Syndrome, even though I technically made a full recovery. I found out this issue with fatigue a long time after GBS is incredibly common. The good thing is, other than motion sickness (throwing up in a plastic bag one time), recent travel has been great!

Anyway... I think I have my website fairly up-to-date. 

I think those are all of my updates for now.