Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New Poem in The Plot by Villainess Press, Poems Forthcoming in Bear Review

I got a little behind on blogging. This time of year has been busier than I originally anticipated.

On July 23rd I had two poems accepted by Bear Review. The issue is scheduled to be released in mid-September.

On July 27th I had a piece accepted by The Plot, an online literary journal by Villainess Press. On July 30th the piece was published. You can read it here. 

I have something coming out in The Nervous Breakdown in the late fall. More on that later.

On Wednesday, September 9th I'll be reading in Minneapolis at Magers & Quinn for Midwestern Gothic. The reading is at 7 p.m. In November I'll be reading in Des Moines. More details on those readings later.

The Crimes of Clara Turlington comes out in December. I will post updates about 2016 readings when I have more details. I'll be giving readings in various cities and states. I know right now that there will be a few events in Ohio in February including one you can read about here. (Scroll down to 2016 readings.) 

I haven't seen too many movies this summer, but I did recently watch What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?. It was scary in a good way. My favorite parts were when Jane (Bette Davis) would imitate Blanche (Joan Crawford).

Hard to believe it's already August...