Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Whoa... Thank you!

My new full length manuscript, Butter Sad, has made it to the third round and is officially a finalist in the Quercus Review Press book contest. I'm so flattered this manuscript is in the top 20.

They'll be announcing the winner in two weeks. Quercus Review Press published one of my favorite books (Terry Godbey's Beauty Lessons) and I'm sure the book that gets chosen this year will become a new favorite of mine.

Stay tuned for updates about the release of Inappropriate Sleepover!

Update (3/3/2014): 
Butter Sad was one of six honorable mentions in the Quercus Review book contest. One winner (Laurie Zimmerman) and six honorable mentions were chosen from the 20 finalists. Thanks Quercus! I'm very flattered!