Friday, April 26, 2013

New Poem Out (Atticus Review)

I have a poem in this week's issue of Atticus Review. You can check it out here. Editor Joseph Gross had some nice things to say about the poem which you can read here. Thank you to all the Atticus Review editors. Don't forget to check out Atticus Books as well. Atticus Review also accepted another poem of mine and I'll let you know when that one comes out.

I found out today that a poem of mine was a winner in Northeast Ohio Master of Fine Arts' Academy of American Poets Prize competition judged by Shane McCrae. Recently another poem of mine received a prize in the Sam Ella Dukes Memorial poetry contest for grad students at the University of Akron. Those two poems along with two other poems are forthcoming in Hobart and will be out sometime in May. Speaking of Hobart, be sure to check out Jacob Euteneuer's recent piece.

Since my book is coming out before 2014 and I don't graduate until May 2014, my thesis is going to be a new manuscript. I'm really excited about the book and the new manuscript.

I have one more week of teaching and classes until finals week... I am ready for this semester to be over.