Sunday, November 25, 2012

Come On, December

Punchnel's is publishing an anthology that is scheduled to be released before the holidays. It will be available as a paperback book and as an e-book. The editors chose fifty pieces originally published in the magazine including one of my poems. 

I am now editing Dressing Room Poetry Journal, a new online poetry magazine. The first issue will be out before 2013 and will feature poems by Mary Biddinger, Susana H. Case, Tenaya Darlington, Terry Godbey, Amy Lawless, M.P. Powers, Jay Robinson, and xTx. I'm really excited about the poems that will be in the upcoming issue.

I have a new website which you can see here. I will keep posting updates on this blog as well. 

I've been having reoccurring dreams lately about various things including Nutcracker parts I performed as a teenager. Is it time for Christmas yet? Anyway...

More/other news coming soon/soonish.